Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dubai World Cup..Just my opinion

What a Buzz! The Dubai World Cup..richest race in the world with horse owners and jockeys walking away with millions for a pretty quick run along! ..but what would I know..I went to check out the fashion. I ran amuck taking photos in a chook pen of gaudy glittery fashionistas in the Ahlah Fashion Lineup. Prizes for best hat, dress, shoes, husband...ya gotta love it! As an artist I was dazzled by colour and textures, as a caricaturist I was loving the fantastic joyousness of wWomen in Woman Land. I you with Ofcourse the truely stylish would hardly allow themselves to be judged by their lessers but give it up for the girls having a go. There is no excuse to be drab in Dubai. There is endless cheap glossy magazines telling you what is the latest, what mall shop it is in and what your husband/boyfriend will have to shell out to keep you happy. fair..women earn cash here and can buy their own frocks, but I would say , not so many.The real pearler at the end was the winners. First prize..something in black and white with a hat..second prize..and I take my big blue hat off to this match her orange shoes she planted an orange bath sponge on her head! Young enough to make it work and cheeky enough to grab the judges attention.Next year will I be buying into bet! However..dont ask me what label my dress is...I will give my dress a name the minute it fetches a stick!Enjoy the pics.

Dubai World Cup