Sunday, March 23, 2008

Living in Dubai

I am still telling myself..I live here..I live here..
I am in Jumeria Beach Residences overlooking the Persian Gulf. To the left is Palm Jumeria and before me is a white sanded, azure blue beach. JBR is still being fancied up..there is courtyards galore being fountained, flowered and cobble stoned. When it is all finished and the dozens of shops, cafes and restaurants are opened I think I will look back on the time when I had it all to myself..well..nearly. JBR looks like a series of giant sandcastles with some not even opened as yet. We are looking at starting prices at a million US but,hey..I live here!

Anyone who thinks a Muslim Arab Emerate is a hard place for a westerner has NO IDEA. In fact it is so good, I dont think I will tell you..stay away and let me enjoy it before the world finds out!

Dubai Buzzing with ART!

I got here just in time for the fenzy of Art in Dubai. I was invited to the opening of Art Dubai which takes place every March at the Madinat Arena. As the first contemporary art fair in Dubai, the Fair has become a cornerstone for the rapidly growing art community of the Middle East. The 2008 fair will host nearly seventy galleries from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North and South America, North Africa and.... Australia! Australia was well represented by Galleries Direct from Sydney. I enjoyed a chat with Cameron Hall the director about the new market for art in Dubai. This is the second art fair and it was massive! We are STARTING at the level of Andy Warhol and upwards and that is a very high standard indeed. Myhead was spinning from all of the imageryby the end of the night. Next year I promise myself I will be right in there as a part of this amazing event.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

George Lucas

Title: George Lucas. Acylic on watercolour paper.
Original artwork or print available.

John Cleese

Title: Brad Pitt. Acrylic on watercolour paper. A3 size. Copyright Joanne Brooker.
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