Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brisbane Writers Festival

I will be running three workshops and speaking as part of a panel at the Brisbane Writers Festival.
The talk is titled " Get The Message" speaking about politics and the various methods of commincating opinion in a variety of mediums. My fellow speakers are Niromi de Soyza from Sri Lanka , Farid Farid from Egypt and Ali Alizadeh from Iran.
I am as fascinated to hear their stories as I am excited to be sharing a panel with them.

I shall also be running three workshops on cartooning and caricature at the BWF WordPlay.

Dynamic Oil Painting Course

I am taking a two week full time course in oil Painting at the McGregor Summer School in Towoomba. The course will run from January 4 to 14th 2012.
I am looking forward to running this course for beginners to pass on all I know about painting portraits in Oils.

So great to back with the McGregor Art School!

Gulf News Interview

Gulf News in Dubai have run a story about my work as a Caricature Artist. it is nice to stay in touch with Dubai and I am pleased there is still interest in my work over there.

Qld Clarion Award Nomination

I have been nominated for a Clarion award! I am pleased that even though I have been out of the industry as a full time professional for so long, my artwork is still recognised within the media industry.
It should be a great night of glam dressup, entertainment and good grub and I am just pleased to have been nominated...truely! :)

Fingers and Toes!

Sydney Opera House Cartoon Show

A bit of fun! The Sydney Opera House are running a wonderful event on cartooning, animation and comic book at. I wish I could be there ! However, my cartoon work will be included in aa display by Graphic. cartoons on grievances. Not surprisingly, I had quite a few!

Freelance Media Talk

I have been asked to join a panel discussion on freelance work at the Media Industry Event at The Edge, Brisbane State Library September 1st. I am looking forward to passing on my experiences in this area to media students and meeting again, journalists I worked with at Qld Newspapers..