Thursday, July 31, 2008

7_Days Ed Art!

Very pleased and excited to announce that I will be running a social comment cartoon in Dubai 7-Days! I have been having a ball putting together a bank of cartoons on everything I see happening about me. Dubai is SUCH an amazing place. Those in the know will understand my comments on weather, traffic, clubs, fashion and shopping! I am sure as time goes on I will learn more and more about Dubai, and it will all be reflected in my cartoons.

Oh OK then..heres a sample.
enjoy and I will see you in the funny pages!

Dubai Ladies Club ROCKS!

The beautiful and exclusive Dubai Ladies Club ( thats right..just for us ladies) is running a series of Cartoon and Caricature workshops in their Art and Talent Centre. I am repeating my Introduction to Caricature and easy, followed straight after by my Intermediate Caricature Workship, for those who want to go further.

In September we will be running four great fun Childrens workshops.
Package of 4 classes
Duration: 1.30hrs each
Total: 275 AED non members

Tel: 043499922 ext 302

Advertised on Dubai One, Dubai TV and Sama TV, Gulf Today, 7Days, Time Out,

THEN...coming along in October, we are running my Art Package of eight workshops covering cartoon strips, comics, animation, gags, caricature and folio presentation and the nitty gritty of the business of cartooning! A great series for those always wondering if they have an inner cartoonist and for those who want to advance themselves professionally.


Adults Caricature Workshops

Art and Talent Center in collaboration with Joanne Brooker, Australia's Top Media artists is organizing its second Caricature Workshop. The participants will be able to analyze characters they want to draw, extract salient features and capture the essence of their personalities, in order to come up with creative caricatures.

Workshop 1
Introduction to Caricature Drawing
August 17th and 18th 2008
10:30am to 1:30pm
650 AED (Materials Included)
No drawing skills required

Workshop 2
Intermediate Caricature
August 19th and 20th 2008
650 AED (Materials Included)
Basic Knowledge in Drawing and graphic design

For registration please contact the Art Centre on 04-3499922 ext. 300 or email