Sunday, March 23, 2008

Living in Dubai

I am still telling myself..I live here..I live here..
I am in Jumeria Beach Residences overlooking the Persian Gulf. To the left is Palm Jumeria and before me is a white sanded, azure blue beach. JBR is still being fancied up..there is courtyards galore being fountained, flowered and cobble stoned. When it is all finished and the dozens of shops, cafes and restaurants are opened I think I will look back on the time when I had it all to myself..well..nearly. JBR looks like a series of giant sandcastles with some not even opened as yet. We are looking at starting prices at a million US but,hey..I live here!

Anyone who thinks a Muslim Arab Emerate is a hard place for a westerner has NO IDEA. In fact it is so good, I dont think I will tell you..stay away and let me enjoy it before the world finds out!


Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Jo,
Lucky you! As I have said before I will live vicariously through you...because I know how great it is over there. That's why I visited 6 times in 2 years. Any excuse to get there!
Will be interested to hear more about the art scene on your blog.

Matt Ryder said...

Hi Jo

I am a fellow caricaturist living in Dubai. Brad Wightman mentioned you when I posted a job on the NCN, that required a second artist here in Dubai, but in the end it came to nothing. I get quite a lot of calls for events where we need another caricaturist, and there is really nobody else working here that is suitable, so its nice to know you are here ! Anyway. all the best, welcome to this sunny city, and i look forward to meeting you in the future.