Friday, October 10, 2008

Dubai Update

Dubai HOTS up as the weather cools! Just like Queensland...Dubai...lovely one day, perfect the next. Everyone is slowly coming out of the summer stupor and reving up for the cooler ( by that I mean...25-35 degrees) weather. Time to get party hats on, get the trade shows jumping and entice people into the newest biggest whatever they are opening next!
And as a Caricature Entertainer and Commissioned Artist I am ready to help out. I already have an Iftah Dinner Caricature Entertaiment Gig under my belt. A great bunch of fun locals who had me drawing until 2am. Many event bookings already for October and November, print work coming in, teaching all over the place. Speaking of which...get your booking in for Dubai Ladies Club Art packages ladies! Time is passing fast!
Watch out for news on the 35 US million dollar Atlantis opening party November 20..I will be watching it from my apartment window while they chuck 3 million dollars of fireworks into the air! (Maybe my invite got lost in the post???) Our Kylie will be there making us Aussie proud.
Then the worlds biggest Mall opening...phew..MORE shopping!
My series of workshops with the Indian School is finishing up this weekend. Pity, as they are great fun and I feel I am just starting to teach them the fun of cartooning! But then I am a bit fanatic about the subject! Then the Jam Jar has a set of workshops for Boomerang Cartoons for me to run. How to Draw Captain Caveman!! Big Kids welcome. to the drawing board to get moving on a heap of new work!

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