Monday, March 26, 2012


Stay tuned for dates and details for my first oil painting exhibition. The exhibition will be held at the Swich Gallery towards the end of the year.

The Swich Contemporary Art Space191 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD 4305(07) 3281

Interpretations of

of Face” is an exhibition of large scale oil
paintings, exploring the theme of Faces.

We all have a face, some of us show our feelings and emotions freely; others
present a mask to the world. But how is a face is read by others, how are our
feelings and expressions interpreted?

Do we always project what we mean to ‘say’ or can our faces be read with greater
depth by those around us than we give credit for?

an artist looks at a face they may try to portray more than the physical
characteristics, the character beneath the skin, so we are given a far deeper
perception of the sitter.

can seem almost ironic in a world in which surgical procedures and cosmetics
promote the erosion of character, expression and experience through surgery and
botox, we are becoming more afraid to let our true self be seen and to allow
others to read the experience of our lives in your eyes.

The Artist, Joanne Brooker, has created in
oils, large scale portrait faces on the theme of faces.

These large scale portraits demand
attention. Each portrait draws you in , perhaps uncomfortably

close, to the face.

With the use of colour each face is
infused with emotions that are juxtaposed with subject.

A masculine face in soft greens and greys, a soft young face distant and closed,
the wickedly riveting face of a punk. A contemplation of three faces, youth, death, beauty.

Joanne seeks to take you past looking for recognition and to see how each face creates an emotion in the viewer.

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